Concerned 2: A Concerned Rip-Off

The Continuing Adventures of Gordon Frohman



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I apologize for the non-updating of the site recently. Again, I have no (decent) excuse other than I was lazy. Hopefully I will resume scheduled updating from now on, but... no promises.



If you have ever played any of the Pokémon games for the Gameboy systems, then this situation will feel familiar to you. I had been planning on doing this for a while now, but I needed to introduce the gnome first. And in case you were wondering, no I won't be doing a segment where Frohman turns into a headcrab zombie like Chris did when Frohman was in Ravenholm. The last panel is there for comedic purposes only (or for stupidity purposes. It depends on your perspective of the comic).



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Sorry I didn't update last week. I don't really have an excuse as to why. I was just more lazy than usual I guess.



Okay, so apparently I was wrong in the last comic, and Alyx can die if the difficulty is set to hard. Well... screw you guys. I tried playing HL2 on hard once and got my ass thoroughly kicked. Anyway, in every encounter with Alyx she seems pretty indestructible, and I believe that if someone is able to get hit in the face with multiple objects thrown from the gravity gun without flinching (everyone has to have done this. I can't be the only one) then they are classified as invincible.



The dumb thing is that for this comic I downloaded a flashlight model because I didn't think the method I was using (the Chris technique of stuffing a stun baton in Frohman's forearm) was going to work here. Unfortunately, after I did all the posing and photoshopping, it turns out that it didn't really matter. You still can't see the end of the flashlight when it's on the ground because the light overpowers it, and when Frohman's holding it in panel 3, you still can't tell because it's so dark and the glare from the flare cuts everything out. (Yes, he is holding the flashlight in his hand along with the pistol. That's why he's holding it so awkwardly.)



Anyway, I guess most of you saw this comic coming a mile away, but hey, it had to be done.


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A lot of you probably knew this was coming eventually, but didn't know when. Well, here it is. The introduction of the gnome from Episode 2. Complete with Alyx's ability to resist all forms of damage (that Barney didn't seem to have in that one city segment from HL2) minus the unlimited supply of ammo. It always annoyed me when teammates in a game are immortal, but never seem to actually do anything when you really need them to. Especially if it's one of the Call of Duty games on Veteran difficulty.


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Sorry about the not updating thing last week. I was installing the final parts for my computer (a 1300 W power supply, and 2 GTX 295 graphics cards).



Chris was right when he said drawing pencils was hard. He should have mentioned pads of binder paper as well. I'm going to have to find a better way of making those if I plan on doing something like this again.



Oh, and when you smash that Breen bust (heh, bust the bust) the "gibs" only stay around for so long before they disappear. I learned that the hard way. I must have gone through five or six of those things just getting the screenshots to look right.


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Sorry about the delay this week. I installed Vista Ultimate 64 on my computer over the weekend and downloading all the updates (and my games over Steam) took a little longer than I thought it would (about 3 days more). But it's up now, so am I forgiven?



I thought I'd bring back the Breen "Idol" for this part as a semi-introduction for what's coming next. Some of you might already know what's coming, but I'm not going to say. Then again, maybe you have no Idea what the hell is going through my mind right now and you’re scratching your head wondering why the hell I'm still ruining Concerned with this basterdized sequel.



I started on this comic on Saturday, planning to install Vista and use another computer to put the comic together and upload it. Unfortunately, when I looked at the 4th panel I realized that I had deleted the right one and that the barnacle's tongue was passing through the Breen Idol. I couldn't get onto my old hard drive to retrieve it until today because Vista was being a jerk and taking long to do stuff at the time. So today I finally closed Steam and stopped the downloads (the only ones that were going on at the time) and got the right image to finish the comic.



Now to try and finish those downloads....


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Here it is, after much delay Issue 41 has arrived.


Most of you were wondering why Frohman has been holding the flare in his hands for the last several comics instead of having it hover in front of him. This is because I decided to re-introduce the floating objects concept just as sort of a refresher for those who might have forgotten. This comic started so long after Chris finished Concerned that some people might have forgotten about it. However, the first dozen comics of this series seem to have filtered out all but the hardcore Frohman fans who remember the small things like the floating objects.


Making this one was a bit difficult because I didn't have Photoshop installed on my computer, so I had to take the screenshots then put them along with the comic layout, and the Webletterer BB font onto a flash drive, then go to another computer, install the font, put everything together there and upload it before taking the finished products back to my computer and onto my hard drive. I hope it's worth it.


Strangely enough with this comic I didn't change a whole lot from the original version I planned out. The only lines I changed were the ones in the fourth panel. Other than that it went pretty quickly, although in the original sixth panel I planned on just having the zombine (combie?), but I thought it would look better to have him devouring a dead rebel with a buddy and their pet.


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Those ragdolls don't really seem to work the way a normal human body works. In order to get Frohman's knees into the position they are in the comic I had to lift his ass about a foot off the ground and then jackknife his stomach to get his chest into the right position. My original plan was to have him sitting cross-legged, but that would have been impossible to accomplish. Also, in the last panel the flare was supposed to be falling as Frohman was running away, but the glare from it sort of blocked out the rest so it just looks like a ball of sparking light.



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Another late one. I was up until 2AM last night playing co-op in Dawn of War 2. Then I slept in 'till 12:00. Then I had to make the comic.


Is it just me, or does it seem like everything in the game is oversized when compared to the character models? The flares, the cinderblocks, the Jalopy in Episode 2... I dunno.


Also, I didn't spell check the comic, so I'm going to let you guys do my job. Because I'm lazy.


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The Combine Elite has a Frohman moment.


I had to get kind of creative with the flares for this one. I stuck them all around the characters trying to get the light right. Working in this pitch black is kinda difficult. I also replaced panel 5 of the last comic with a (I hope) better pose.


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I have been the victim of a robbery. Killzone 2 has stolen all my free time and refuses to let go of it all the while stealing more and more. I didn't get around to planning out this comic until the middle of the week, and I had to finish the posing and everything today because I got carried away in Warzone.


Anyway, the comic is here so the both of you can stop mashing the F5 button.


The only real challenge for this comic was the flares. I got the posing down, and started to take the pictures, but then I realized that I had put lights everywhere when it's supposed to be completely dark. So I had to delete all the pictures and come up with a solution for the darkness. Frohman's "flashlight" couldn't give off enough light to make it interesting so I sat staring at my computer screen for half an hour trying to think of something. Then I noticed the flare sitting on the ground next to the dead citizen, and thought of using those.

Unfortunately, there isn't a flare tool that you can set for how long it will last, so I had to spawn a flare, no clip it to Frohman, then quickly pick it up, place it in his hand (fortunately the glare of the flare makes it so you can't see that he isn't even really holding it) and then run away and take the picture before the flare runs out. By the time I was finished, there was a massive pile of used flares in a corner off screen.


The lighting effects from them look pretty cool though.




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Okay, this one sucks pretty badly. The face posing is lame in the first panel, and I changed the comic at the last minute because the original version was ever worse (if that’s possible). I didn’t have much time to work on it this week because I couldn’t get my new hard drive to clone properly, so I’ve been having to install everything one piece at a time.


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Sorry for dragging this part on for so long, but pretty soon things are going to start picking up. This is near the end of the “stuck in another stupid train car section.”

Pretty much all the combine in this comic are all NPCs. I only started posing them for the final panel, in which half of them can’t be seen, so wasted effort there.

It’s funny how you never notice the real flaws in a comic until you start putting it together. First, there’s frame 4. I should have made that headcrab in mid-air already pouncing. That would lead into frame 5 better (that’s why the headcrab’s stuck to the door. It closed on him in mid-leap.) also I should have done more to make it look like the door is actually closing. The lame little motion blur effect I added in doesn’t seem to help much. Then there’s the last one. The posing looks like shit, but there was some stupid invisible barrier between the class and 2 feet in back of it. That was as close as I could get Frohman although I wanted to make him leaning up against it and peering out at the headcrab instead of standing there all bad looking like. Then there’s the lame punch line at the end, but I can’t really help that now can I?


Fixed Frame 4. Fortunately I had to reload the map to get the glass back for frame 5 & 6 and I had saved the game after I was done. All the models were in the same position as the original, all I did was delete the NPC headcrab and spawn a ragdoll to pose in mid-air.




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I was kind of hesitant to make this actual issue. I had planned to skip this one and not include it, but added it in anyway because the other one I was going to do would have required more work and I didn't have the time to do it.

Speaking of which, I might just redo this one later on, or get rid of it entirely. I probably should have started with the narration and not even bothered with the "dialogue" in the first 2 frames and the last frame should have Frohman visible. Oh well. The next one should be better... should.

Poirot FTW!!1!one!!










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This comic takes inspiration from the origin of the term “Zombine”. When you come across that dead zombie-combine thing Alyx makes a reference to it as being a Zombine. Obviously this one didn’t catch on as much because… well, you can probably guess.



In the back of the first panel you can (sort of) see the CP officer that Frohman was harassing earlier donating a large dose of STFU to him in the form of a stunstick. Shortly after, Frohman appears on the scene again (his hat was knocked off by the stunstick treatment). His first line in panel three seems a little sudden and doesn’t really flow that well in terms of dialogue. I might fix that later. And the posing in panel six looks pretty bad.



Also, if you’re wondering what happened to the blood on Frohman here’s an explanation: In between issue 32 and 33 Frohman ran all the way up to the surface using an escape tunnel that was overlooked earlier and found the nearest Laundromat. There he proceeded to wash and dry his clothes very quickly before donning them again and going back down the tunnel which suddenly collapsed as soon as he left it. He then took his place in panel one where the combine didn’t seem to notice him leaving and for some reason didn’t see him reappearing either. See, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I forgot to add the blood to him and my laziness not allowing me to redo everything.




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The tradition of late comics never gets old. Or does it, I can never remember.



This one has some references to that period in Concerned where Frohman becomes a medic. Obviously, his lack of a medical degree doesn’t stop him from operating on combine soldiers while trapped in an underground tunnel in a city that’s about to explode. But he’s a caring person who puts the needs of others before himself.

And that thing on the ground in panel 4 is supposed to be the flashlight that he dropped when the headcrab jumped him. I need any light I can get in the tunnels here because everything is pitch black. I’ve had to hide lights all over the place in this series of comics so everything is visible, and I still have to make it brighter in Photoshop when I’m putting everything together. The most annoying thing with the lights, however, is that you can still see the actual light bulb through walls and stuff. I’ve been able to cover most of it up with speech bubbles, but there are still a lot of situations where I need to use the clone stamp and spot healing brush to try to hide them.