Concerned 2: A Concerned Rip-Off

The Continuing Adventures of Gordon Frohman



Posted by Norman Black on August 3, 2009 at 12:12 AM


I had this comic in my mind for a while and it's nice to finally make it and get it out there so I can stop thinking about it. I just wish I had spent more time thinking of the dialogue instead of the Antlions busting up from underneath Frohman. I know now what Chris was talking about when he was complaining about having to pose the Antlions. I only used 2 ragdoll Antlions in the entire 6th panel (the 2 above Frohman), all the others are NPCs. I had also planted a thruster to create a sort of smoke/dust effect, but it just ended up being really white and bad looking, so I got rid of it.



Hiding the holes before Frohman summoned the Antlions was also a big challenge. Especially because they have those floating orange things over them. I had to disable particle effects, and then try to crop out the holes or block them off so they couldn't be seen by the camera. I was also experimenting with different sound effects to use for the last panel, but in the end I decided that the soundless effect was best. If this was a movie though, I might have gone with some slow classical music while the entire scene played out in slow motion... maybe.

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Reply Kustin
5:26 AM on August 3, 2009 
Ooh... I can see it before me... During the movie scene, a Vivaldi song plays and the rest is entertainment! : )
Reply LKFrogger
5:58 AM on August 3, 2009 
I just noticed that thats probably the only object Freeman ever holds, the rest he just hovers them
Reply Norman Black
11:36 PM on August 3, 2009 
It's because the bugbait is a weapon. Weapwns can be held in the hands. Everything else just majikally hovers.
Reply Darthvoorhees
10:19 PM on August 6, 2009 
Is the comic going to update further? Or is this it?
Reply Norman Black
11:57 PM on August 6, 2009 
There is still much more to come. I'm just lazy so you will have to wait about a week to 5 years for the next one.
Reply Sercio
3:40 PM on August 7, 2009 
I dont blame you norman... your probably a total busy person which makes this as a hobby in his little spare time


Youre just lazy :S
Reply Jung
11:21 PM on August 11, 2009 
That last panel is gold especially without sound effects. Haha