Concerned 2: A Concerned Rip-Off

The Continuing Adventures of Gordon Frohman



Posted by Norman Black on October 18, 2009 at 9:54 PM


At long last issue 51 is here.



This one has a lot of dialogue in it. I probably should have made it 8 panels long instead of 6 because it's pretty crowded. Anyway, Frohman again finds a way to get more Combine inadvertently killed. I was planning on getting some Left 4 Dead props like the sandbags with the minigun for this scene, but I forgot to download some so I had to make-do with the combine barriers and machinegun (which is barely visible anyway). I thought it would be cool to have the Left 4 Dead stuff, just because this part of Episode 2 is so much like the Finales in that game. Then again, I could have just waited for Left 4 Dead 2 to come out and use the "new" props, but you guys wouldn't want to wait that long.


The Comics Archive II page for this comic should be up sometime later today.

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Reply Masterlegodude
7:21 AM on October 22, 2009 
You should update the homepage to say the newest comic is 'Issue 51', since it still says the newest comic is 'Issue 50' :P
Reply Go-getter
5:14 PM on October 24, 2009 
Okay, I don't get it. Sorry.

Somebody please explain how did Frohman get down from there. And the joke.
Reply No-getter
8:39 PM on October 27, 2009 
Him getting down unexpectedly is the joke, duh.