Concerned 2: A Concerned Rip-Off

The Continuing Adventures of Gordon Frohman



Posted by Norman Black on August 23, 2010 at 4:15 AM

And the comic rises from the dead like the unholy abomination that it is!



This should have been out a long time ago, but there was a series of events that severely delayed for the entire summer. My first "excuse" was that my computer died. I was upgrading something, and it took about a month for me to figure out the problem and finally get it fixed.

My next excuse was that there was a mass employee exodus from where I work leaving us understaffed. Being one of the idiots who didn't quit, I got stuck with all the work that was left over and have been taking most of the new work that's coming in. I'm working late almost every day, which leaves less time for me to play video games work on the comic.

Also, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to replace the engine and transmission in my car on my own without taking it to a shop to have professionals do it.

Then there was the family mandated vacation that was delayed for a year.

So, yeah. Were I a more motivated person I could have kept updating through the past months, but instead I decided to spend all my free time watching TV or playing games. I wish I had the motivation that Chris had to keep up the comic, but the truth is that I'm just too lazy. Not to the point of stopping the comic though. I would never do that. Unless Chris and his army of mad lawyers rode in on their war elephants and demanded that I stop making the comic... or if he decided to continue Concerned on his own (he mentioned he was thinking about it once on his Twitter account). Otherwise I do not intend to stop making the comic until it's over. There may be delays, but I will follow it until completion. Hopefully there won't be any delays longer than this one.



Anyway, On to the comic.



Around this time in the game, you begin to meet up with occasional rebels roaming the streets. I decided to have Frohman run into a group trying to escape the city in a highly organized and professional way. Unfortunately, "organized" and "professional" aren't things that Frohman is known for.

The medic in the background of the last 4 panels is an NPC that I spawned (with the AI off). I was too lazy to spawn a ragdoll and pose him differently for each panel, so I spawned and NPC that was already posed. He looked kind of awkward just standing there in the next several panels, so I positioned the camera so that he was behind either Frohman or the other rebel and out of view.

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Reply Midget52
5:31 AM on August 29, 2010 
Thank god. That last comment section was getting a bit hairy. Nice to have you back!
Reply Hazel
8:29 AM on August 30, 2010 
Just glad to see it's not dead yet :D